The ways to apply for one or more interesting for you positions are a lot, but we always suggest applying with your data through the contact form of the career website.
You can find MOS Consult in all social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Google+ and more, in the advert webpages for open positions -,, as well as information about us in our different websites. We suggest using our career website, because the information input there is processed the quickest and is processed directly by our HR department, without any delays or unnecessary exchange of information. 

1. What documents should I submit?

The specially designed contact form on our career website aims to summarize the needed for us personal information. It is important to fill in all required fields. We also require a CV (Curriculum Vitae) which describes your professional and working experience. In addition, you can send us copies of your diplomas in primary and secondary education, as well as professional certificates you hold. Each document will help us for better selection and increase your chances to be invited for an interview. When applying for the position of designer or constructor, a portfolio or project which you have worked on will increase your chance for interview. 

Your personal data are completely secured and are only accessible by the HR department in MOS Consult. 

2. How much time until I am called for an interview?

After receiving you documents, the HR department will call or email you back. Each and every candidate will receive a reply to his/her application, regardless if he is approved or rejected. We urge everyone who hasn't received and answer from our HR department to call or email us and demand feedback. Main rules we try and follow when recruiting is keeping the process open and clearly coordinated and we always insist on two-way feedback. 

3. What's the interview like? 

Our interviews are segmented by different processes, as the idea is, to not waste any of your time if after a certain segment you decide you do not want to be part of our team. 
The segments are as follows:
- Describing the position
- General company test with mixed purposes, which is marked by the HR department
- After scoring a certain result on the general test, you are given an English language test as well. The aim of the tests is to adequately evaluate your level, so that after you join the team, you can be put in the correct English language group, which aims to increase your skills and knowledge.
- Interview with your direct supervisor, who will explain the work process, the team in which you will be working, your responsibilities and benefits. You can direct all your questions to your direct supervisor, or to the specialist from the HR department at the interview.
- The next stage - the following day, interview with the Manager or CEO, who will explain the options for growth and promotions in the company.
We do understand the structure of our interviews is somewhat lengthy and we do not want to take away from your time and our specialist's time. Please make sure you have read the terms in advance. 
The organization offers a lot of possibilities for development and qualification, it is for that reason that we want to get to know each other as much as possible during the interviews. 

4. How much time until I know if I am hired? 

You can expect a call back from us in the next 6 business days after the interview. Since the interview process is fragmented and is held in several stages, we have to meet all potential applicants and then start answering to each and every one. In case there are delays or unreceived answers, please contact a representative of the HR department, so that we can answer you as quickly as possible. 

5. What's the process of starting working for MOS Consult? 

After your application has been accepted, we notify you when is the first working day you can start working in our team. In addition, in the meantime we mutually check the legalities and remaining contract with your previous employer (if any) and schedule a meeting to organize all the necessary paperwork for our HR department. 

As soon as all the needed documents are prepared, we introduce you to the company surrounding, the colleagues, the team you will be part of. We issue the needed equipment, software products and work place. 

6. Can I apply for several open positions? 

It is not really common to apply for several open positions but it is acceptable in some cases. In addition, we can offer you a similar or analogical position of the chosen sphere of work. It is important to know where you would feel the best and where you'd feel the best to grow and develop your skills in the company. That's why we usually advise all future employees to have a look at all our open positions and then discuss possible options with candidates. 

7. Other useful information 

Please, check the location of our office and if needed contact an HR representative, so that we can let you know exactly where we are. It is also important to confirm the date and time proposed for an interview, because the interviews are only hold in certain days and timespots in the week. It is possible to reschedule another day and time for an interview, if you were unable to meet us the first time and / or had an emergency. 

Our team is ready to answer all your questions. We prepare as much as possible for our first meeting with you, so we'd appreciate if you do the same. We'd be happy to answer all your questions in our meeting.